Mr. Parvez Musharaf


At present, the undisputed supreme authority of Pakistan and a very shrewd politician. Parvez Musharraf

He cherishes the ambition of becoming the chief representative of Islamic nations at the international level.

In the preliminary phases of third world war, all events will comply with the war strategy that he chalks out in consultation with China.

However, three leaders will come to foreground one by one to take his place and the last and the most competent of the three will go all out to realize his dream and ambition.

Mr. Parvez Musharaf being the Army chief of staff and since in accordance with the law that he himself made, the chief officer of the I.S.I. reports directly to him, the commission totally refutes Mr. Musharaf’s claim that he was ignorant about the September 11 bombings.

The former chief of the I.S.I., General Hamid Gul, was chief advisor to Osama bin Laden until 2001 and he is even considered to be close to Mr. Musharaf.

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