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Third World War is on: Former US Congress leader Frank Wolf

Third World War is On Former US Congress leader – Frank Wolf

Washington: Former Congressman Frank Wolf has warned stating that presently Third World War is on. US is eventually getting dragged into it and hence it is necessary for US to handover the reigns to their best military officers and the best leaders. Sooner or later US will have to pay a hefty penalty of this war. Hence the Government needs to build consensus and take citizens into confidence. Frank Wolf has also warned the Obama administration on the issue.

“The US Congress would admit to the fact that the terrorist organisations within Gulf and African countries are interlinked with each other and pose utmost danger to the security of US. ‘Boko Haram’ causing massacre in Nigeria and ‘Al-Shabab’ in Somalia are connected to ‘IS’ while the violence in Libya is not different than these. Also the terror attacks in French capital city Paris and the attack in San Bernardino city in US bear a common link”, claimed Wolf. The Obama Government and US Congress is not doing much against the increasing attacks of these terrorist organizations, accused Wolf.

Wolf targeted Obama stating that US lacks the governance capability to take firm actions. Wolf accused the Obama government and the Congress stating, ‘US does not have a strong President such as Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, J.F. Kennedy or Harry Truman. Truman would have taken firm actions during his tenure in a similar situation as present and also the Congress would have taken firm steps. Provided we do not react or retaliate back against the attacks by the terrorist, it will depict that we are not at all bothered about it’. Frank Wolf urged the US President and Congress to take stern actions and warned that the terrorists are stepping closer towards America and killing citizens. US is getting dragged into Third World War and in times to come,worst will happen if President and Congress does not react.

Wolf put forth these stern opinions during a meeting organised by the research group ‘Family Research Council’ last week. Pope Francis the supreme religious leader of Christians had recently mentioned that the Third World War is currently ongoing. Wolf during this speech said to be in agreement with the propositions made by Pope Francis. Wolf appealed to the Congress leaders to meet those rendered homeless due to the terrorist attacks and listen to the agony of the victims of terrorist torture.

Wolf expressed of having no confidence about any firm actions being taken against terrorism by the President and his government and hence accused the government for inaction. Wolf expressed some hope from Congress and expects them to take firm actions. Meanwhile authorities present in this meeting expect the Obama Government to urgently act against terrorism.


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