Mr. Mohamood Ahmedi Nezad

Mr. Mohamood Ahmedi NezadIran has declared that if the US were to launch attacks, it (Iran) would carry out its threat of supplying nuclear technology and missiles to Palestine and Lebanon.

‘Hijballah’ is the strongest, the most widespread, fierce and aggressive from among all the terrorist organizations of the Shia sect.

It came into being in the extremist nation of Lebanon. This outfit has been receiving total support from Lebanon and Syria right since its inception. Iran has developed very close friendly ties with the ‘Hijballah’.

Between August and December 2005 , the present president of Iran, Mr. Mohamood Ahmedi Nezad invited to Tehran, Khalid Mishal, the chief of ‘Hammas’, General Hasan Nasrallah, the secretary of the ‘Hijballah’ and the leader of the Palestinian Islami Jehad, Ramdan Shalah. The Iranian President held long and confidential talks with these three persons.

Convinced of the significance of the unity of all Islamic sects and nations, all these groups like the Al-Qaeda, declared the US to be the prime enemy of Islam.

Following his visit to Damascus, the Iranian President declared his decision to offer complete support to Lebanon and Palestine.

The ‘Al-Diyar’ and the ‘Sada-Al-Balad’, two leading newspapers of Lebanon published a report saying Mr. Ahmedi Nezad, the Iranian President did not visit Damascus merely to express passive or indirect support but to raze to the ground all plans of the anti-Islam triad – the Us-the UK-Israel and to chalk out active plans to knock down their strength and morale.

The CIA has taken serious note of the day-long secret talks between the heads of state of Iran and Syria, as also of the subsequent declaration by Syria, of its support of Iran’s nuclear programme.

As a consequence of the debacle of the Taliban and of Iran, Syria and Lebanon are emerging as powerful centres of the Al-Qaeda.

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