While Iran is strengthening its ties secretly with several nations, it is openly consolidating its relations with China and North Korea. It is also in constant touch with Dr. Al Jawahiri of the Al Qaeda. The anxiety of the therefore growing by the day and sothe CIA is plotting a scheme to topple the […]

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Pakistan – Ambassador of misfortune for the world
Pakistan Flag

Pakistan, the foster son of China, will emerge as the architect of the war strategy of the first half of the third world war.Globally speaking, today this nation ha sproved to be an important constituent of various political occurrences.It is in this country that a valiant and dynamic leadership will emerge and lend pace, passion […]

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India – A Mahabharat all over again 

….and this is where the Indian culture will step in, firm and strong. With its principles of non-violence and tolerance, it will offer rescue to both parties. This will in fact be the prime obligation of the Indian culture.

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