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Bill for independent Kurdistan in Israeli Parliament

KurdistanJerusalem – A proposal to recognize an independent Kurdistan state will be placed in the Israeli Parliament. Israel had earlier said that the Kurdish people scattered in Iraq, Syria and Turkey have the right to have their independent state. Israel had actively supported the independence of the Kurdish people in Iraq. Now, two major political parties have prepared to table this bill in the Israeli parliament.

The Iraqi Kurds had taken steps towards independence through a referendum last year. Israel was the first to come out in its support. The northern oil-rich part of Iraq has a Kurdish majority. After Israel expressed its support, this Iraqi region started supplying oil to Israel. The Syrian Kurds initiated independence movements and furthermore, even the Turkish Kurds began their efforts for independence. The United States and Israel have been trying to create an independent nation for the Kurds from Syria, Iraq and Turkey and allegedly, they are even willing to divide these countries.

KurdistanAs a result of this, Turkey which was a close ally earlier, had distanced itself from the United States. As the proposal for an independent Kurdistan is being passed in the Israeli Parliament, serious consequences can be expected in the times to come. The political parties Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu have prepared to place this in the Israeli Parliament. Kurdish rebel organisations in Syria, Iraq and Turkey may lend their support to Israel, which in turn may change the political scenario in these countries.

Turkey had already started an anti-Kurd campaign by accusing the Kurdish rebels in Syria of interfering in its internal matters. Considering this, if the bill gets passed in the Israeli Parliament, Turkey can claim it to be an attack on its sovereignty. An agitated Turkey may intensify its campaign against the Kurds. At the same time, Israel with its support for an independent Kurdistan may increase its support and cooperation towards the Kurds.

This may indicate the introduction of an entirely new front in the already turbulent Gulf region.

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