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‘If you cannot bear to see demographic changes in Netherlands, then leave the country’, local Islamic leader warns the native Dutch

Amsterdam – Tunahan Kuzu, the leader of the Denk Party representing the Muslims in the Netherlands, has created a stir with an inflammatory statement. ‘Those who cannot bear to watch the changes in the Netherlands caused by people from a different culture should leave the Netherlands,’ warned Kuzu. Some right-wing leaders have been warning about the rising number of Muslims in the Netherlands; Kuzu’s statements are said to be directed towards them. Severe reactions are expected to emerge from the Netherlands over these statements.

Islamic leader, warn, Tunahan Kuzu, demographic changes, Dutch, migrants, arrival, Netherlands, WW3, NetanyahuJust like in other European countries, the number and influence of Muslims are on the rise in the Netherlands. The leaders in the country like Geert Wilders are warning that if this situation continues, soon the Muslims will be in a dominant position in the Netherlands. Wilders’ appeal is seen to be gaining approval from the people of the Netherlands. The atmosphere in the European countries is heated up against the immigrants and its repercussions are also being felt in the Netherlands. Against this background, the statements made by Kuzu, the Denk Party leader, are extreme and inciting.

‘Those who cannot bear to see the changes happening in cities like Zaandam because of the arrival of migrants from a different culture should leave this country,’ said Kuzu during an interview. Some of the European news agencies have given publicity to his statements. Tunahan Kuzuis one of the founders of the Denk Party which represents the Muslims in the Netherlands. This Party established in 2015, is receiving excellent response from the Muslim ghettos. Two of the Denk Party candidates were elected in the elections held in March 2017and the party had got as many as 200,000 votes.

The following civic elections saw a spurt in the support for the Denk Party, which surpassed an influential left-wing party here. The party openly supports the Muslims and claims that the Netherlands equally belong to them. Tunahan Kuzu had also been in the limelight earlier for refusing to shake hands with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu during an international conference in 2016. Kuzu had said that he refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Netanyahu to protest against Israel’s alleged abuse of human rights in Palestine. It is claimed that Kuzu is a supporter of the Turkish President Erdogan. The Denk Party had stood strongly in support of Turkey even when the Netherlands Parliament had taken an anti-Turkey stance, reminded the Netherlands media.

The extreme position taken by the Denk Party and Tunahan Kuzu can evoke a severe reaction from the Netherlands. Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom may react strongly against the leader and the Denk Party. Therefore, fiery exchanges can be expected in the Netherlands on this issue in the near future.

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