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UK practicing cyberattacks to send Moscow into a complete blackout

London – The United Kingdom has begun thorough preparations for a cyber war in order to counter the increasing Russian aggression and the possible future attacks. The United Kingdom has designed a plan to send the Russian capital of Moscow into complete darkness if Russia attacked the United Kingdom or the European countries. A rehearsal of a huge cyberwar against Russia was recently conducted in this context. The sources in the United Kingdom indicated that the cyberwar is being considered as the alternative to a nuclear attack in retaliation to the Russian aggression.

cyberattacks, complete blackout, Theresa May, nuclear weapon, cyberwar, world war 3, UK, Moscow, Sergei SkripalOnly last week, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Australia had warned that the cyberattacks being carried out by the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency were totally unacceptable. At the same time, if the international governing bodies and the connected agencies came under attack, there will be severe retaliation, warned the United Kingdom and other countries. Prior to the warning, the British defence department and the GCHQ intelligence had announced the formation of an ‘Offensive Cyber Force’ against Russia.

A few months ago, there was an attempt on the life of Sergei Skripal, a former Russian agent living in the United Kingdom. Alleging a Russian hand in the attempted assassination, the United Kingdom had announced harsh sanctions against Russia. At the same time, British Prime Minister Theresa May had ordered to keep multiple options open for retaliating against Russia. One of the options was cyberwar, and there are indications of the British intelligence having made preparations for a cyberattack against Russia.

Against this backdrop, the reports in the British media about a grand rehearsal of a cyberwar against Russia becomes significant. The British officials have clearly stated in the report that the option of a cyber war would be exercised in retaliation to a Russian attack.

‘The British defence forces do not have the capability to give a tit-for-tat reply to the Russian forces. At the same time, if a war against Russia does breaks out, the British agencies are worried about the pace and scope of it. The only option available with the United Kingdom for a likely retaliation, could be the use of nuclear weapons. Instead, cyberattacks could be a more effective alternative,’ claimed the British officials and sources.

‘If Russia sank the British aircraft carrier warship in a nuclear attack, what other alternative could be left with the United Kingdom? Other than actions like sinking their submarine or dropping a nuclear weapon in northern Russia, there are hardly any other options. In such a scenario, cyberspace would play a very important role. The United Kingdom can send the Russian capital of Moscow into a complete blackout through a cyberattack. It would serve as a direct warning to the Russian leadership,’ the British sources thus indicated that a cyber warfare would be the most effective way to counter Russia.

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