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Russia is definitely preparing for war against US, warns senior Russian envoy to UN

New York – A senior Russian envoy to the United Nations indicated that Russia was prepared for a war against the United States saying, ‘The United States had alleged at a recent meeting that Russia was preparing for a war. Now I can confirm that Yes! Russia is preparing for a war. It is readying itself for war to defend the Russian territory and people, against the United States.’

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US President Donald Trump recently announced the United States withdrawal from the nuclear treaty with Russia and the US National Security Advisor John Bolton had conveyed the message directly to the Russian leadership during his Moscow visit. Against the background, Russia has issued aggressive warnings to the United States and has threatened it with having to face serious consequences due to the decision. A senior Russian envoy declaring of the Russian war preparedness at the United Nations has therefore, attracted the world’s attention.

Andrey Belousov, an official from the Russian foreign ministry assertively stated, ‘Russia’s military build-up and large-scale drills, which have often been painted in the Western media as preparations for an all-out war, are a defensive necessity. We are preparing to defend our homeland, our territorial integrity, our principles, our values and our people’..

Russian envoy, preparing for war, Andrey Belousov, UN, war exercises, world war 3, United States, Russia, INF treaty

The Russian diplomat Belousov fired a salvo of criticism at the United States saying, “Why else would the United States pull out of the [INF] Treaty, increase their nuclear potential and adopt a new nuclear doctrine that lowers the threshold for nuclear weapons use – that’s the question for us all.” At this time, he also reproved the opposition by the UN member nations to the resolution that was moved regarding the INF treaty. He clarified that Russia did not want a conflict with the United States.

While Russian officials are making open statements about war preparedness, the United States also appears to have begun strong preparations for a war. Nearly 100 containers of arms and ammunitions were delivered at the Ramstein Air Base, which is the biggest US military base in Europe. It is the first instance of the country landing military equipment on such a large scale in a European country since 1999.

Currently, huge war exercises are being conducted in Europe after which the United States would be increasing its military deployment there. The consignment of arms is believed to be a part of the same plan. Additionally, the United States has announced the testing of the Aegis Anti-Ballistic Missile System conducted near the Hawaii Islands.

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