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Cannot deny possibility of war with Iran although will prefer talks: US President Donald Trump

London: US President Donald Trump made Iran aware of the ground reality by stating, ‘The United States is keen on resolving the issues with Iran, through dialogue. However, Iran is the biggest terrorist state and the possibility of a war with Iran, cannot be denied’. The US President, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State are consistently issuing stern warnings to Iran although they have also indicated that the US would not initiate a war against them.

war with Iran, warn, Iranian nuclear program, nuclear weapons, proposal for talks, Xi JinpingLast week, US President Donald Trump had said that the United States was ready to negotiate with Iran. Trump stated that if Iran were interested in a dialogue, the United States would be more than willing to respond to it and expected to receive a positive response from the Islamic Republic. Albeit, the Iranian leaders have rejected the proposal for negotiations and reiterated that the Iranian missile program would not change under any circumstances. What’s more, Iran also provoked the United States by releasing videos of its secret missile stockpiles.

When a British news channel questioned President Trump on the matter, he clarified once again that the United States was open to negotiations with Iran. At the same time, he lashed out at Iran as well saying that the United States had not forgotten that Tehran was the most significant terrorist nation. It was, therefore, that the possibility of a war with Iran cannot be denied, President Trump cautioned. He also emphasised that it was the US objective not to let Iran acquire nuclear capabilities and would thus use any alternative available for achieving it.

On Tuesday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei once again rejected the US proposal for talks and announced that the Iranian nuclear program would continue to operate. The tensions between the United States and Iran, are therefore likely to intensify further.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed concerns over the rising tensions between the United States and Iran. President Xi expressed fears over it saying that if the situation is not deescalated, it would have severe consequences, and has appealed to both nations to exhibit restraint.

Meanwhile, a special meeting of the National Security Advisors of the United States, Israel and Russia, is scheduled to be held in the next few days in Jerusalem. A US official revealed details on the meeting saying that the United States would be raising the Iran issue with Russia.

US and UK concur on not letting Iran acquire nuclear weapons

Heads of states of the United Kingdom and the United States, agreed on stopping Iran, a sponsor of terrorism, from acquiring nuclear weapons. In a joint press conference, the US President, Donald Trump and the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May made an announced in that regard.

war with Iran, warn, Iranian nuclear program, nuclear weapons, proposal for talks, Xi JinpingOn Tuesday, US President Trump, who is currently on a visit to the United Kingdom, met the British Prime Minister Theresa May. Various issues were discussed in the meeting, and both the leaders came to a consensus over Iran. At the time, the British Prime Minister said that the United Kingdom was firm on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, signed between the western countries and Iran. Nonetheless, if Iran violates the terms of the agreement and takes steps towards nuclearisation, the United Kingdom will not let that happen, May added.

Moreover, the British Prime Minister May also assured the United States that the United Kingdom would stand by them to stop pro-terror Iran.

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