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US prepares for war games featuring use of laser, electromagnetic, directed energy weapons

Washington: To counter Russia and China, the US has armed the defence forces with advanced weapons equipped with lasers, electromagnetics, direct energy. The US military officials and analysts say that the weapons would play a crucial role in future wars. To gear up for such wars, the US Armed Forces have organised war exercises with the advanced weapons. It becomes the first openly declared wargame of the kind.

In the past few months, US armed forces have successfully tested lasers, direct energy as also electromagnetic weapons. US warships, long-range fighter jets, stealth fighters as well as rifles have been armed with the advanced technology. However, the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) says that no study was performed to determine how they could address the warfighting needs and gaps in the advanced tech-based weapons.

Last week, the ARFL, therefore, demanded a combined war exercise of the advanced weapons. In its proposal, the ARFL stated, “The war drills would test the capabilities of the advanced US arms and weapons. Moreover, it will help define the US progress in comparison to other nations”. The drills would see participation from the leading US companies that develop lasers, electromagnetic and direct energy weapons. The exact position on the war drills is believed would be clear by the next month.

Previously, Russia was said to have tested laser-based weapons in a war exercise although Moscow had not released any official statement or photographs in that respect. China, on the other hand, had tested lasers mounted on a warship in the East China Sea a few months ago, claim Japan and South Korean media.

In the near future, direct energy weapons will prove highly significant, cautions a US military official and analyst at a think tank. Even space satellites cannot be safeguarded from advanced military technology. For that reason, an analyst had suggested that the US pay exclusive attention to preparing itself for direct energy weapons to protect its global interests and space satellites.

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