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China will do anything to ensure my defeat in the elections: US President Trump  

Washington: ‘The Chinese regime wants my opponent and Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden to win the next Presidential elections in the United States. China is making this effort to reduce US pressure on China in terms of trade and other issues. The country is even running an aggressive campaign to try and prove its innocence in the Coronavirus outbreak. China will do anything they can to have me lose the next Presidential elections coming up in November’, President Trump stated as he fired a salvo of criticism at China.  

The US President targeted China as he said that the Chinese regime was obliged to share the information regarding Coronavirus at an early stage with the international community. President Trump went on to warn that the country would be taught a lesson for its malicious activities concerning the Coronavirus and various options are being explored for the purpose.  

In an interview to a news daily, President Trump clarified that an investigation was underway to locate the origins of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the time, he even informed that research for the development of the Coronavirus vaccine was ongoing on a war footing. Many US companies are currently involved in the study of the medication and vaccine for the Coronavirus. His statement was in response to a question on the topic.  

Trump has adopted a very aggressive stance against China in the last three years. He forced the powerful nation to retreat by initiating a trade war against it. President Trump’s proceedings against China had significantly added to his popularity in the United States. His victory in the upcoming Presidential elections in November is thus considered certain.   

Nevertheless, the US economy is severely hit in the past three months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Unemployment in the country has reached record levels. As a result, the citizens’ disapproval of President Trump handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, which originated from China, is becoming stronger. Given the developments, President Trump has created a sensation with the accusation that the Coronavirus pandemic was a Chinese conspiracy to ensure his defeat in the upcoming Presidential elections.  

US President Trump had already issued a warning saying that he had various avenues to prove China was indeed responsible for the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. On the other hand, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had also threatened China that they would have to pay dearly for what they did while pinning the blame for the pandemic on China. 

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