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President Biden will not make any changes to the Space Force, US officials and analysts indicate

Washington: Joe Biden issued 17 executive orders just 24 hours after taking over the presidency last week. It included nine executive orders, which reversed the decision of former President Donald Trump. President Biden may continue to issue executive orders against Trump’s decisions. However, senior officials and analysts in the Biden administration have indicated that the current President will not change his decision to establish a Space Force Command. 

After the swearing-in ceremony, President Joe Biden immediately took over and signed 17 executive orders. These included orders blocking the wall’s construction on the Mexican border, lifting the US entry ban on citizens of seven countries, preventing comprehensive action against refugees, and participating in the Paris Climate Agreement. Besides, President Biden gave clear signals on H1B visas, troops withdrawal from Afghanistan and a re-entering into a nuclear deal with Iran. In the near future, the Biden administration could reverse some critical decisions and laws in the last four years. 

Nevertheless, it is believed that President Biden is not likely to reverse Trump’s decision on the Space Force. Biden has publicly refrained from talking about it, and the White House also declined to comment on Biden’s role in the matter. New US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has said that the space arena holds great significance. 

Defense Minister Austin also underlined that the Space Force had been established over the years. Only last week, US Deputy Defense Secretary-General John Hatton accused Russia and China of increasing their defense capabilities in space and using them against the United States. The US military, therefore, appears to back the Space Force. 

In 2019, then-President Trump had announced the Space Force as the eighth-most crucial command centre in the US defense command. Trump had set up the Space Force Command, underlining the growing threat to US interests in space from China and Russia. At the time, Trump had cited the instance of anti-satellite missiles China and Russia had launched into space. A few weeks ago, Trump had announced the deployment of the Space Guardians under the Space Force.  

Trump‘s Space Force Command had the support of both parties in the US Congress. Therefore, US officials and analysts have underscored that the Biden administration would have to face opposition from the US Congress and the Senate, along with military officials, to reverse the decision of the Space Force. 

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