About Author Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi

  • M.D.(Medicine) and Consulting Rheumatologist
  • Executive Editor of the widely read Indian daily – Pratyaksha
  • Fondly called “Aniruddha Bapu‘ by millions and millions of his followers.
  • He claims to be a simple common human being but millions consider Him as their Mentor, Father, Sadguru and true friend.
  • His pen has touched almost every subject, relating to the upliftment of human, moral and social values, as well as balanced well being of the human race.
  • His observations and studies of international political and social status have concluded in the form of this book; a book that informs as well as forewarns of the turmoil and chaos in the near future, all over the world.
  • His words depict and predict through the mist and dust of enmity, terrorism and wars driven by human greed.
  • At the same time, he gives clear cut, clean and precise directives and solutions to safeguard humanity.