Iran’s Regime working closely with George Soros, admits Iranian Foreign Minister

Iran’s Regime working closely with George Soros, admits Iranian Foreign Minister

Tehran – George Soros, an affluent business magnate who is a supporter of the asylum seekers entering Europe and a staunch opponent of US President Donald Trump, is working in close collaboration with Iran. While speaking at an Iranian parliamentary session, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif disclosed the said information. Soros had issued a warning to the Trump administration after it had decided to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal. In view of these past events, the Iranian Foreign Minister’s admittance of its collaboration with Soros has portrayed unusual equations.

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Sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump on Iran are beginning to affect the Iranian economy. Iranian analysts and the country’s opposition have expressed concerns over the fact that companies from Europe and the world over have begun to withdraw from their agreements with Iran which in the next two months, would create major shockwaves throughout the country. In the last week, the opposition parties had discussed their doubts regarding the matter with President Rouhani. While replying to the questions raised, Foreign Minister Zarif had claimed of having strong ties with some extremely influential and affluent elites in the United States.

Zarif made a mention of Trump’s bitter opponent, George Soros at the time. ‘Soros is in association with Iran even before I assumed the Foreign Minister’s office’, informed Zarif. He also stated that the Open Society Foundation (OSF), a Soros organisation, is working in collaboration with the Iranian government. He asserted the collaboration was long-standing and extremely proximate. Zarif also said, notwithstanding the many obstacles in the last few years, we have gained success in maintaining our ties with the OSF.

Nevertheless, Zarif did not disclose about the funds mobilised by Soros’s OSF or any other kind of aid that was offered under the collaboration. In 2013, Rouhani’s reformist government had come to power in Iran. Zarif had assumed the role of Iran’s Foreign Minister under the government. Therefore, it appears Soros’ OSF has upheld its ties with Iran for even more than five years.

Meanwhile, Soros is recognised as a bitter Trump opponent. Three months ago, he had alleged Trump was out to destroy the global order. He also predicted that the Trump’s Presidency will end before 2020. During the same period, controversial reports had surfaced of a Soros-affiliated organisation, ‘Media Matters’ being in preparation to use the social media against Trump. Under such circumstances, the collaboration established between Soros and Iran points towards a completely different angle in international geopolitics.

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