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EU will disintegrate with rise of nationalistic forces if pro-EU majority doesn’t wake up: George Soros

Washington – ‘The anti-EU forces are growing stronger in many European countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany while the pro-EU forces seem to be sleeping, at this point. If they don’t wake up, the fate of the European Union will be same as the Soviet Union of 1991; it would disintegrate, renowned investor George Soros warned.

George Soros is known to be a staunch supporter of the EU and the immigrants coming to Europe from Asia and Africa. It is due to his stance on the immigrants that the groups and leaders from EU member states opposed to the immigrant influx also consider him an enemy of theirs and their nations. The Hungarian Parliament had even passed an anti-immigration bill naming it the “Stop Soros Bill’. Whereas, Soros has expressed concerns over the increasing influence of the strong nationalist and anti-immigrant groups in the European countries.

Major elections to the European Parliament are scheduled to be held in May. Also, it is believed that the increasing influence of the nationalist groups in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Poland and other European countries will impact the elections. What’s more, Soros and the European leaders expressed concerns over the anti-EU forces enjoying a competitive advantage in balloting during the May elections. Considering the developments, Soros, in an article written for ‘Project Syndicate’ website, has appealed to the supporters of the European Union to unite.

While appealing, Soros also criticised the EU leaders. ‘The current EU leadership reminds me of the Soviet Union’s at the time of its disintegration. Neither the leaders nor the people of Europe are in a position to understand that Europe is currently experiencing a “revolutionary moment” and the outcome is “highly uncertain”. Therefore, if the situation is not controlled in time, Europe would become unstable,’ said Soros as he raised an alarm.

Admitting to the electoral system in the EU being outdated, Soros said that it would further strengthen the anti-EU forces. The groups which have public support are getting stronger, and they are opposed to the creation of the EU itself. Also, the nationalist governments of Hungary’s Orban and Italy’s Salvini have openly demanded the dissolution of the European Union. According to these leaders, the EU immigrant policies controlled by France and Germany are a threat to European security.

George Soros justified the EU decision on the immigrants. However, through the immigrant influx, billionaires like Soros have been accused of trying to change the Europe society and demography for their vested interests. Moreover, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had alleged that Soros had the ulterior motive of devastating Europe and reaping massive profits from it.

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