International community initiates comprehensive measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus pandemic 

International community initiates comprehensive measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus pandemic 

Geneva/Paris/Washington: The Novel Coronavirus pandemic, which originated in the city of Wuhan in China, has spread to more than 150 countries in the world in just two months. More than 150,000 citizens are infected with the virus, and the death toll is almost at 6,000. Because of the crisis, the international community has initiated aggressive measures which include the announcement of a Public Health Emergency, Special Disaster Zones, military deployment and special funding along with lockdowns.   


Last week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the new Coronavirus as a pandemic. While making the announcement, the WHO highlighted that the ignorant attitude of the international community was responsible for the current scenario. Therefore, combined comprehensive efforts are required to stop the spread of the virus further, and the measures need to be more comprehensive, appealed the WHO. After that, many countries of the world initiated steps in that direction and began their implementation.   

The maximum spread of the COVID-19 outbreak is seen in Europe after China, while Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom are the worst hit. Italy has more than 21,000 cases of Coronavirus and reports over 1,400 deaths. The Italian government had announced a lockdown in the entire country in the last week. However, the number of cases and deaths are still rising. Local agencies have informed that more than 3,400 cases were reported in Italy in the last 24 hours.  

After Italy, the Coronavirus is observed to be spreading rapidly in Spain as well. As per sources, Spain confirmed nearly 1,500 new cases on Saturday while the death toll has almost reached 200. The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s wife has reportedly contracted the Coronavirus. Therefore, Spain, which had initially declared a state of emergency given the growing number of cases and deaths, has now announced a total lockdown, like Italy.  

Other countries in Europe have also initiated aggressive measures. France has ordered the closure of hotels, cinemas, cafes and all non-essential businesses. Besides, the French government has indicated restrictions on long-distance travel and transport. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has voiced concerns over the crises calling the current Coronavirus pandemic as the worst health crisis France had faced in a century.  

The Coronavirus cases in Germany has crossed 5,000, and the cases surged even in the United Kingdom. In the UK, the death toll went from 11 to 21 in 24 hours. Considering the intensification of the infection, the British government indicated deploying the military to combat the epidemic and bring it under control.  

Austria’s Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz has added restrictions, banning gatherings of more than five people. On the other hand, Romania declared a state of emergency with the Czech Republic gearing up to check all of its citizens. Slovakia has reportedly sealed its borders. What’s more, many of the European airlines have announced a suspension of flights to the US and Asian countries.  

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