Iran moves mock USS Nimitz to Hormuz Strait; hints at attacking the US aircraft carrier

Iran moves mock USS Nimitz to Hormuz Strait; hints at attacking the US aircraft carrier

Dubai: Iran has indicated the US aircraft carrier was not safe anymore. International analysts believe Iran has warned so by moving the US aircraft carrier look-alike to the Hormuz Strait. Only a few hours ago, the USS Nimitz entered the Persian Gulf, and satellite images revealed Iran made a move right after that. 

Hormuz Strait., US, IranAs seen in the images from the US-based satellite firm Maxar Technologies, Iran has moved the look-alike of the USS Nimitz to the Hormuz Strait. The vessel was at the port of Bandar Abbas for the past few months. As soon as the aircraft carrier was moved to the Hormuz Strait with a tug boat, the patrol ship of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was seen advancing towards the US aircraft carrier look-alike. However, the Iranian regime and media have not commented on the matter. In 2015, Iran had destroyed a US aircraft carrier replica in naval drills conducted in the Strait of Hormuz. At that time as well, Iran is said to have warned the US by destroying the replica in the war games.   

Hormuz Strait., US, IranThe massive USS Nimitz is said to have arrived in the Persian Gulf after sailing through the Indian Ocean region only a few hours ago. No details were released on whether the aircraft carrier would pass through the Hormuz Strait. Nevertheless, the tensions in the area are said to have soared after the USS Nimitz look-alike arrived. Previously, incidents were reported where Iranian patrol vessels had dangerously followed warships of the US and its allies. Last year, an Iranian patrol vessel had almost rammed into a US warship. The US had sharply criticised the provocative action and warned of severe consequences if Iran were to engage in such a misadventure again. The events had fueled the tensions in the region.   

In the past week, a US fighter jet flew close to Iranian passenger plane over Syria. Angered by the move, Iran had threatened the US. Subsequently, few analysts have drawn attention to Iran relocating the US warship replica in the Hormuz Strait. What’s more, Iran had announced an underground missile city a few weeks ago. The country even threatened to use the missiles, located close to the coastline, to target foreign ships in the Persian Gulf. In light of the events, the developments in the Persian Gulf are considered to be of significant concern.   

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