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US President Biden orders deployment of B-1 bombers to Norway airbase to bolster European forces and deter Russia in Arctic

Washington: The United States has decided to deploy B-1 bombers at an airbase in Norway to counter Russia’s growing defence base and its aggressive activities in the Arctic. US President Joe Biden has issued an order to that effect. Just last week, President Biden outlined his foreign policy and assured that he would make it more aggressive against Russia.   

Former US President Donald Trump had adopted an ‘America First Policy’ and taken an aggressive stance against China, Iran, European countries and even allies. At the same time, Trump’s close relations to Russian President Vladimir Putin were also heavily debated. However, Biden warned that his Russia policy would not be as smooth as that of the previous president. ‘A country like Russia is moving to destroy its democracy. The days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressiveness, like my predecessor, are over,’ President Biden said.  

The decision to send bombers to Norway seems a part of the policy. Over the next week, four US B-1 bombers will land at Orland airbase in Norway. Along with the aircraft, a unit of 200 personnel will also be deployed at the Norway base. A small contingent of airmen has already arrived in Norway to prepare for the deployment of the bombers, sources said. It is the first time that the United States has independently deployed bombers in Norway.  

Although the US Bombers Task Force had previously carried out operations in Europe, most of the operations were carried out through bombers stationed at the UK airbase. In some missions, bombers from the US had directly entered Europe, completed the procedure and then returned. An official from the US Forces in Europe informed that this time, the bombers will be deployed independently on a base in Norway and will complete exercises and missions in the Arctic region.  

Sources indicated that the deployment was part of growing defence cooperation between the United States and Norway in the wake of aggressive Russian activities. The United States will reportedly also be sending its submarines to the naval base in Norway shortly. US officials also recalled that the US had sent its aircraft carrier during a military exercise in the Arctic two years ago.  

In recent years, Russia has significantly increased the number of military bases and deployments in the Arctic. The growing presence of Russian fighter jets and submarines in the Arctic has been a source of concern for European countries. Considering the past events, Biden has hinted at adopting an aggressive policy and appears to have started targeting Russia. 

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