Imposing sanctions on Europe is China’s strategic blunder: former US official

Imposing sanctions

Washington: – Former US official Clete Willems claimed that China has made a huge strategic blunder by imposing sanctions against the European Union and officials. Willems said that the European parliament cancelled the investment agreement with China after this, and there is no possibility of reviving it soon. Willems served as the Deputy Director of the US National Economic Council and Deputy Assistant to former President Donald Trump.

Imposing sanctionsDuring an interview with the CNBC news channel, Willems claimed that the Chinese sanctions led to the killing of an important agreement between the European Union and China. There is no possibility of reinstating the deal in the near future. China could not give a satisfactory reply on the legal issue of using the workers as slaves. In that fit of anger, China took a provocative and out of the box action. This action proved to be a huge strategic blunder by China.

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