Senior Taliban commander trapped in fierce fighting in Afghanistan’s Panjshir 

Senior Taliban commander trapped in fierce fighting in Afghanistan’s Panjshir 

Kabul: The Northern Alliance has announced that senior Taliban commander Qari Fasih Salahuddin has been trapped in a conflict in Afghanistan’s Panjshir. The Northern Alliance said that our fighters are behind Qari Fasih, and he will soon be captured alive or killed. Former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh also confirmed it. Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has called on the Northern Alliance to join the talks. 

Fierce fighting is currently ongoing between the Northern Alliance and Taliban militants in the Panjshir Valley. The Northern Alliance fighters have trapped Taliban militants in the valley. Besides, the fighters are positioned atop the hills here and are firing indiscriminately on Taliban vehicles. So far, nearly 300 to 800 Taliban militants are claimed to have been killed in the conflict. However, there has been no comment from the Taliban. 

The Northern Alliance said it had trapped senior Taliban commander Qari Fasih Salahuddin in the Salang Valley. ‘Qari Fasih is preparing to flee. But he will be captured alive or killed,’ the Northern Alliance declared. Also, former Vice President Saleh announced that the Taliban militants, who had come in large numbers to the Panjshir Valley, had been caught in the Northern Alliance attacks. Saleh said the Northern Alliance fighters had taken control of the Salang highway. 

Hours before the operation in the Panjshir and Salang valleys, Vice President Saleh had described the Taliban’s brutal and inhumane actions. Saleh had alleged that Taliban militants, unable to make advances, were kidnapping children and the elderly in the face of attacks by the Northern Alliance in the Andrab Valley. Furthermore, Saleh accused the Taliban of violating human rights by using children and the elderly as human shields. 

The Northern Alliance is claimed to be taking the lead in the last three days of struggle. There are also reports of anti-Taliban groups arriving at Panjshir. Reacting to the ongoing clashes in Panjshir, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid called on the Northern Alliance for talks. However, Vice President Saleh and Northern Alliance leader Ahmed Massoud have already asserted that any discussions with the Taliban were not possible. 

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