Northern Alliance is combating Pakistan Army and Taliban together

alleges Northern Alliance Commander Ahmad Massoud

Northern Alliance, ‘नॉर्दन अलायन्स’

Kabul: Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid has claimed that the Taliban has taken control of Panjshir and that the war in Afghanistan has ended. Nevertheless, Ahmad Massoud has announced that the Northern Alliance is still engaged in conflict in Panjshir. In addition, Massoud has alleged that the Northern Alliance is not only combating the Taliban here but also the Pakistani Army. It has come to the fore that the Pakistani Air Force is carrying out attacks against the Northern Alliance in Panjshir. Pakistan may thus have to pay a heavy price for the interference soon.     

Northern AllianceFor the past three weeks, Taliban terrorists are battling hard to get control over Panjshir. On Monday, Taliban spokesman Mujahid declared that they had succeeded. Mujahid further claimed that this win had brought Afghanistan out from the vortex of war. After that, the Taliban released a video of a flag being hoisted at the governor’s house in Panjshir capital Bazarak. It also declared that Fahim Dashty, a leader and spokesperson for the Northern Alliance, was killed in the Taliban attack.    

Recently released reports have stated again that Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Massoud and Former Acting Afghan President Amrullah Saleh have fled Panjshir. Hence, it has sparked a debate over the struggle of the Afghan people against the Taliban from Panjshir coming to an end. However, Ahmad Massoud, the Northern Alliance military front leader, denied the Taliban’s claim. ‘I am alive, and the Northern Alliance’s struggle in Panjshir is still on,’ Massoud declared.     

Ahmad Massoud stated that ‘The Taliban does not have the capacity to attack Panjshir. Pakistani drones and helicopters are supporting the Taliban, but the Northern Alliance is combating Pakistan as well.’ Pakistan is said to have used Chinese-made CH-4 drones to carry out attacks in Panjshir. Besides, Pakistan has sent special military forces for the fight against the Northern Alliance, reports said. Nevertheless, these claims have not been confirmed yet.     


However, two days ago, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed had visited Kabul. Hameed had put forth the condition to the Taliban that the Haqqani network (HQN) must lead the Afghan government. The Baradar group of the Taliban was outraged over the demand and recalled its supporters from Panjshir. It even led to allegations that Pakistan had to send its soldiers as Taliban’s Jihadists to help the HQN. Under such circumstances, the gravity of Ahmad Massoud’s allegations has increased.     

Meanwhile, Pakistan may have to pay a heavy price for deploying its troops in Afghanistan to help the Taliban in the near future as major countries in the world are currently monitoring every movement of Pakistan along with the Taliban. In such a scenario, it may be difficult for the international community to ignore Pakistan’s actions. Demands are being raised over social media to impose sanctions on Pakistan. At the same time, the Afghan people are holding Pakistan alone responsible for its plight.  

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