Coronavirus originated solely from China’s lab 

- Australian journalist Sharri Markson  


Canberra / Beijing – The virus spreading Corona has originated solely from China’s Wuhan lab and there is convincing evidence to prove it; Australian journalist Sharri Markson makes a serious accusation. In an interview with Epoch TV, Markson blamed that the Coronavirus ‘leaked’ from a lab in September 2019 and that the Chinese government had decided to cover up. She further stated that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) also has links to the Chinese military.  

शॅरी मार्क्सन‘In mid-September 2019, the WIV received a report of a Coronavirus leak. The ruling Chinese government then decided to cover up; evidence of which is available’, said Markson in an interview. She mentioned that she had provided plenty of evidence regarding Wuhan Lab in her book. In an interview, she also drew attention to the fact that the information about 22,000 viruses in the Institute was suddenly taken offline in September itself. After September 12, 2019, Wuhan Lab decided to strengthen its security and purchased additional medical equipment.  

‘General Chen Wei, a senior officer of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), was given charge of the Institute after the Corona outbreak began to spread. Orders of no lab-related information should be released were issued. China’s ruling communist regime briskly approved the Bio-Security Law. All of this points out the evidence of a Coronavirus leak from the lab’, the Australian journalist claimed.  

Recently, Sharri Markson, an investigative journalist from Australia, published a book, ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan?’. This is the only book that provides detailed information about the origin of the Corona epidemic from the Wuhan Lab of China. An Australian news channel had also screened a documentary on the claims of Wuhan Lab.  

शॅरी मार्क्सनChina’s role has remained suspicious since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2019. China has consistently suppressed Coronavirus information to avoid reprimands. There were petty claims that the virus originated from other countries. Besides, Chinese scientists were stopped from talking about the Coronavirus outbreak. A report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) earlier this year had denied Wuhan Lab’s connection. Nevertheless, last year the former US President, Donald Trump, had openly accused that Coronavirus solely originated from China’s Wuhan lab.  

Meanwhile, there are signs of the pandemic intensifying again in China. The State Council, part of China’s regime, has issued two notices to provincial administrations, cited as ‘extra urgent’. It had issued instructions of movements for emergency response against the Corona pandemic. It also has orders to immediately setting up additional quarantine rooms. Information has surfaced that movements have begun to set up such facilities in provinces like Fujian.  

The notice also mentions setting up a ‘control system’ involving police and Communist Party members in the event of a Corona outbreak. The Epoch Times has published a report in this regard.  

In the last few months, reports have surfaced of the eruption of Coronavirus disease in various provinces and cities in China. To prevent the outbreak, China had immediately accomplished a lockdown in the affected areas. However, a new report reveals that events of the outbreak spread have continued.  

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