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Third World War devastation begins: Pope Francis

Vatican City  (News Agency) –‘At this moment the Third World War is ongoing by means of Crime, Human slaughter and devastation is being carried out in bits and pieces in different parts of the world’, stated the Supreme of Christians – The Respectable Pope Francis. However the outcome of war is nothing else than destruction and it is time for the Human Race to mourn, said Pope Francis.

Third World War-Pope FrancisIn this First World War almost One Lakh Italian soldiers were killed in Slovenia. Respectable Pope Francis visited the memorial site of these soldiers. While addressing the masses present at the occasion, Pope Francis paid homage to the Italian soldiers deceased in the First World War. Pope Francis mentioned that this is the most fearful example in front of us of the destructions caused by war.Even now in different parts of the world,killings are happening and it is the time to mourn for the entire human race, says Pope Francis.

Third World War is ongoing in different parts of the world and is progressing on the means of crime, Human killings and devastations, claimed Pope Francis. Intolerance and greed for power are the main triggers for war. It is also justified by ideology. However it is not possible to justify war by any means. War is a completely futile task and there is no gain other than destruction, warned Pope Francis. By quoting the story of Cain and Abelfrom the sacred Bible, Pope Francis realized how a brother is forced to victimize his own brother.

In present times several are being slain. Around the world there is sorrow, pain and grief and the reason behind this are the vested interests, political equations as well as the greed for money and power alleged Pope Francis.It is the vested interest of those responsible for creating situations leading to bloodshed, organizers of terrorism and creators of weaponry that are behind these devastations and violence, remarked Pope Francis. In such a situation wise people should correct their mistakes, understand the pain and grief of others and confess the mistakes committed, remarked Pope Francis.

Pope Francis had indicated that the current world situation is a part of the Third World War. Pope Francis had time and again expressed deep sorrow over the ambush ongoing between government and rebellions since last two years and also over the human massacre carried out by terrorist group ‘ISIS’ in Iraq. Pope Francis appealed on several occasions to resolve all issues and avoid violence through the means of negotiations and discussions. While in his tour to South Korea, Pope Francis warned that the whole human kind is under the dark shadow cover of the Third World War.

During his visit to South Korea in August, Pope Francis mentioned in his speech that the Third World War had started. ‘A person who had come to visit me said that war had begun all over the world and we all are heading towards the Third World War. What he said was right’, clarified Pope Francis.


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