China’s cyber attack will target critical infrastructure in US – US Senator Marco Rubio warns

China’s cyber attack will target critical infrastructure in US – US Senator Marco Rubio warns

Washington – The cyber attack on the US’s top mobile network companies came to light a few days ago. Due to this cyber attack, the mobile networks of millions of citizens in the US were shut down for about 12 to 13 hours. The mastermind of this attack has yet to be identified. Yet China’s next attack on US systems will be 100 times more intense than this, senior US senator Marco Rubio has warned. Rubio goes on to say that while attacking Taiwan, China could destroy the US infrastructure by launching such a major cyber attack.

Signals of top US mobile network companies started shutting down on Thursday morning last week. It included companies like ‘AT&T’, ‘Verizon’, ‘US Mobile’ and ‘T-Mobile’. Mobile signals and the internet were unavailable in the US for about 12 to 13 hours. After this, the service assumed normalcy. Yet, after this case, the issue of cyber attacks has come to the fore again in the US.China's cyber attack will target critical infrastructure in US

A few days ago, during a program in Germany, Christopher Wray, head of the US investigative agency ‘FBI’, had drawn attention to the emerging threat of China in the cyber sector. ‘If we look at the national security challenges facing the US, the biggest challenge is the threat posed by China in the cyber industry. China’s cyber army is bigger than the cyber armies of all other countries combined. China has contributed the most to cyber attacks on the US’s private and corporate sectors and the theft of confidential information,’ Ray also warned.

After the FBI chief’s warning, a report on confidential information obtained by a Chinese company was released online. In the report, it became clear that China’s ruling communist government is taking help from hackers along with the country’s private cyber companies to launch cyber attacks. Information about China awarding contracts to private companies to steal various types of information from major countries, including the US and the UK, has also come to light. It is said that a new form of cyber attack by China has emerged from this information related to a Shanghai-based company named ‘iSun’.

Against this background, the warning of senior US senator Marco Rubio assumes importance. In his warning, Rubio also indicated that China’s cyber attack will not only harm mobile companies but also disrupt the US’s critical infrastructure like electricity, water, and banking. Last year, the US intelligence agency presented the ‘Annual Threat Assessment Report’. In this, it was indicated that there is a threat of China causing trouble by launching cyber attacks on the US government and private sector. It was also claimed that China could carry out cyber attacks capable of disrupting the US’s critical infrastructure.




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