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Swedish Military should be prepared for “Third World War”- Swedish Military Chief

Stockholm : Swedish Military Chief Anders Brannstrom has warned stating, “The global situation of today has a resemblance to the preSecond World War times. Our nation stood strong during Second World War. But the present situation is not same. The Third World War is round the corner and Sweden will have to participate in it for its own security.” Military Chief Anders Brannstrom also warned the Military and Administrative officers that Swedish Military will have to face an enemy skilled in warfare.

Swedish Army will begin its military drill next week.

Prior to the drill a 28 page report has been published providing clear directions to Swedish military officials and soldiers through the report. Meanwhile Military Chief Anders Brannstrom in his interview to a newspaper has put forth his stern views over the security challenges. Recalling that Sweden stood strong during the Second World War, in spite all its neighbouring nations had participated in the war. Sweden was able to avoid consequential loss by staying away from the war; however present situation is different, added Military Chief Anders Brannstrom.

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