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Saudi delegation visits Israel

Jerusalem : Delegation from Saudi Arabia recently visited Israel. The delegation led by Saudi’s retired Army General Anwar Eshki had a goodwill meeting with Israeli Parliament members. It is claimed that the discussions took place for Israel and Palestine to commence peace talks again based on the proposal given by Saudi few decades back.

Saudi delegationThe Saudi delegation is expecting the relations between Israel and other Arab nations to improve provided the peace talks between Israel and Palestine commence. Prior to this visit, General Eshki met Israel’s Foreign Ministry Director ‘Dore Gold’ and Officer of Border Defense – Major General ‘Yoav Mordechai’. British media had published news about secret meetings which happened in the past on a couple of occasions between Eshki and Gold.

General Eshki is considered as kin to Saudi’s King Salman and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Hence his visit to Israel is gaining increasing importance.

Meanwhile Amos Yadlin, an expert on the national defense mechanism, informed French news channel four days earlier to this visit about Saudi and Israel secretly collaborating against Iran.

Hezbollah in Iran as well as Syria and Lebanon is a common enemy for Israel and Saudi Arabia. Hence it is but natural for Israel and Saudi to unite, mentioned Yadlin in his interview.

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