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US and North Korea should prevent ‘August Crisis’ warns Chinese Foreign Minister

Beijing/Moscow : China has given indications that the Third World War may explode due to tensions in the Korean region. Wang Yi, the Chinese  Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that the US and North Korea should put a brake on their words and actions and make efforts to reduce tensions in the Korean region. Only then the ‘August Crisis’ could be avoided. A century back the First World War had been triggered due to conflict amongst the European nations. This conflict is referred to as the ‘July Crisis’. Using this as a reference, the Chinese Foreign Minister warned that the conflict in the Korean region may become a reason for a World War.

prevent ‘August Crisis’

Two days ago, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had discussions with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, on problems relating to North Korea. The Chinese Foreign Minister urged Russia for cooperation, considering the possibility of the conflict worsening in this region due to the warnings given by US and North Korea to each other. Foreign Minister Wang mentioned that he had confidence that  China and Russia together can stop this ‘August Crisis’. 

The Chinese Foreign Minister added  that if US and North Korea continue to talk in terms of war and resort to instigating each other, then the  conflict in this area could reach its peak. Hence both the Nations should resolve the issue through a dialogue and take precaution that the conflict does not explode.

The Russian Foreign Minister too made a request to US and North Korea that they should  resolve this issue in a peaceful manner. Military action is not the answer to tackling the issue of North Korea’s Nuclear Program. The issue could be solved politically, Lavrov said.

Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea, announced his plan two days back to mount nuclear attacks on the US island of Guam, in the ‘Asia-Pacific’ Ocean region. At that time, North Korea warned that four missiles would  strike the  Guam Island. Tensions in this region have thus increased due to this warning by North Korea. It is said that North Korea is preparing for another nuclear test. In this background, US too has increased its military force and conducted trials of its bomber planes on the Guam Island. Japan too has kept ‘Aegis’ and ‘Patriot’, the two American Ballistic Missile Defense System ready.

It seems that the situation in the Korea territory is somewhat similar to the situation in Europe, prior to the First World War; the reference to the ‘August Crisis’ made by the Chinese Foreign Minister seems somewhat deliberate. Hence the news, released by the media two days after the discussions between the Chinese and the Russian Foreign Ministers, has assumed greater significance. 


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