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Russia will destroy the whole world if hit with a nuclear attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin used vitriolic words by saying, ‘What is the use of a world, where there is no Russia? Therefore, if Russia is attacked with nuclear weapons, we will destroy the whole world’ and reminded the world of the catastrophic effects of a nuclear war. President Putin had warned that, no country in this world was out of range of their missiles, previously as well. President Putin has once again attracted the world’s attention by threatening to destroy the entire world.

President Vladimir Putin, destroy, Condoleezza Rice, US, nuclear attack, Russia, Kim Jong-unThere is election fever in Russia and the elections will be completed soon. President Putin issued the most serious threat during a campaign speech. ‘Russia will never start a nuclear war. But if the air defence mechanisms give information of any nuclear missile directed towards Russia and the location it was to hit accurately, Russia will not remain silent’, said President Putin. ‘Under such circumstances, Russia will retaliate against the nuclear attack. There is no point in saving a world where Russia cannot exist. Therefore, under such circumstances Russia will destroy the whole world’, threatened President Putin.

Russia has a legitimate right to reply to an attack, reminded President Putin. President Putin had created a sensation at the international level by making similar statements in the last week. President Putin had said that, no country is safe from the Russian missiles. The US had reacted to this claim made by him. Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice mocked Putin’s statements. Rice had said that the statements made by Putin were absurd.

‘Russia had missiles to target the US in the 80’s decade. Therefore, there is nothing new in the threat issued by the Russian President to the US. This statement is rather absurd’, Condoleezza Rice had claimed. After this, the Russian President seems to have given a serious warning about a possible nuclear war to the world. North Korean President Kim Jong-un, who has been endangering the world by repeated nuclear tests, consistently warns of a nuclear attack. But no one is taking these warnings seriously beyond a certain limit. But statements like these coming from the Russian President, are showing the world the horrible possibility of a nuclear catastrophe. Therefore, President Putin’s threats are being taken very seriously.

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