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In case of a Third World War the space bases will preserve human life, claims Elon Musk

Third World WarAustin (Texas) : The third world war would likely bring the ‘Dark Era’ once again to Earth. If that happens, the bases on the Moon and Mars will play a major role in starting human life on Earth once again, claimed Elon Musk, the leading entrepreneur and head of ‘Tesla’ and ‘SpaceX’ companies. While making this claim in a program in the Texas state of the United States, he also assured that the spacecrafts that could carry humans to reach Mars will be ready by the next year.

Elon Musk, Third World War, SXSW conference, space, human habitation, World war 3, Austin, Dark era‘In the event of a third world war there is a possibility of a Dark era on Earth. After this Dark era, if human life has to be started again on Earth, the seeds will have to be preserved at some other place. This will help to reduce the period of the Dark era. In this scenario, it is important to have human bases on the Moon as well as on Mars. These bases will play an important role in recreating human civilization on the earth,’ claimed Elon Musk, the leading entrepreneur. Musk expressed his opinion about the plans for the space sector and world future, speaking in the SXSW conference held in the Austin City in Texas state of the US. Elon Musk, the Chief of SpaceX, the leading company in the space sector, had announced ‘Moon Base Alpha’ and ‘Mars City Plan’, having human habitation on the Moon and Mars respectively, last year.

Speaking on this issue, he assured that the SpaceX ‘Interplanetary’ type of spacecrafts will be ready in the first six months of the next year and will considerably reduce the travel time between planets. Although the cost for Mars travel will be high initially, it will reduce over the period, claimed Musk. At the same time, Elon Musk indicated that the batch of people going in the first Mars trip will be at big risk.