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Russia will carry out nuclear attacks on 38 British cities including the military bases, claims UK tabloid newspaper Daily Star

TWW, russia, UK, nuclear weaponsLondon: The dispute between Russia and the UK over the Skripal poisoning case has escalated. President Putin expressed his stand for the first time saying that Russia has nothing to do with the Skripal poisoning. Reactions from the UK say that this stand of the Russian President is not acceptable. The British media has begun to express fear that this tension ridden atmosphere could lead Russia to carry out nuclear attacks on 38 British cities and military bases as well as the US military bases in the UK.

russia, nuclear attack, UK, nuclear weaponsRussia is not involved in the Skripal poisoning. Russia has destroyed the biological and chemical weapons, a long time ago. Therefore, there is no question of using them,’ President Putin dismissed the British allegations with these statements. There are severe reactions from the UK and it has stated that these Putin claims are not at all acceptable. Therefore, experts claim that the UK and Russia dispute can escalate further in coming times and can become fiercer.

A British daily has expressed fear that Russia, who has the largest stock pile of nuclear weapons, might attack the UK. Russia will shock the UK by attacking 38 small and big towns with 150 missiles. The dangerous issue is that no one will be able to predict as to how many of these would carry nuclear warheads before the attack. Russia will use submarines to launch these missiles and nuclear weapons attack and for this the daily has relied upon certain old British classified documents.

The daily has named the cities that will be on the Russian hit list. Besides these cities, 23 British air bases, 14 United States military bases in Britain, 10 radar stations, 8 military command centres and 13 British naval bases are also included in the list.


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