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‘Deep State’ controls US, believe majority of US citizens: Monmouth University survey

third-world-war, US, Donald TrumpNew Jersey: 63% of the United States population does not know about the ‘Deep State’. Only about 24% of the US citizens know a little about the ‘Deep State’ while 13% of the US citizens are well aware of it. Nevertheless, most of the US citizens feel that the national objectives and policies are decided by the ‘Deep State’ and not by the elected representatives. A powerful lobby which controls the elected government and works secretly for its own benefits is known as the ‘Deep State’. Although, most of the US citizens are unaware of this definition, 74% feel that ‘Deep State’ is active in the US.

Monmouth-UniversityThis shocking information was revealed in a survey conducted by the ‘Monmouth University’ from New Jersey in the United States. Accusations are rife for some time now that the United States is run not by the elected government, but by a very powerful and influential lobby working secretly. The ‘Deep State’ is not affected by which party is in power because this secretly operating lobby, always has its influence on the policies of the United States. All the decisions are taken only at the behest of this lobby. These decisions are not for the country’s benefit but they are taken in favour of the selfish interests of the members of the ‘Deep State’. There have been accusations that only the people connected to this lobby hold important posts.

President Trump had openly mentioned the ‘Deep State’ in his speech in the month of January. Confidential information related to the US security was revealed in the emails of Trump’s political rival Hillary Clinton. Trump had accused that in spite of this, the ‘Deep State’ from the law department had tried to save Clinton through a coverup. But now, the Monmouth University survey has revealed that almost 74% of the US citizens feel that the United States is run by the ‘Deep State’.

In spite of being unaware of what the ‘Deep State’ is and how it operates to a great extent, 74% of the US citizens however, are certain that it is operational in the US. Also, most of the US citizens claim that the ‘Deep State’ is not affected as to which party is in power. The ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ have alleged that although the US appears to be a democracy superficially, the country is run by the ‘Deep State’.  Now the US populace has started believing in these accusations. This is a major shift and its effects will be seen in the near future.

The survey also reveals that 80% of the people feel that the government is using advanced electronic surveillance to keep a watch over them. 23% felt that it was a very serious matter and 30% felt that this is something that deserves more attention. Whereas 46% said it makes no difference.


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