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Mega Military exercise by Russian missile army

Third World WarMoscow: Following the expulsion of more than 100 diplomats by major countries including the United States, France and Germany, Russia has announced a mega military exercise known as ‘Command and Staff’. During this war exercise, the ‘Missile army’ from the Russian border will be in a state of complete war preparedness at Vladimir near Moscow, Orenburg near the Kazakhstan border and Omsk in Siberia. This was announced by the Russian Defence Ministry.

russia, vladimir putin, military exercise, missile armyRussia has informed that this will be a coordinated war exercise starting at the same time at multiple locations. Claims are being made that the declaration of the war exercises and the preparedness of the “Missile Army’ is the Russian reply to the political war staged against Russia. Russia has claimed that there is no threat to any country because of the war exercises. But it seems that the terrified neighbouring countries are not willing to accept these Russian claims.



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