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Russian fighter jets circle over United States destroyer USS Donald Cook near Syria’s Tartus military base

Third World WarDamascus: There is a report that the advanced United States destroyer ‘USS Donald Cook’ has reached near the Russian defence base at Tartus in Syria. Based on the information from the Turkish news agencies, it is claimed that the Russian fighter jets circled dangerously close to this destroyer, having the ‘Tomahawk’ missiles deployed on board. However, the US Defence Headquarters, the ‘Pentagon’ has rebuffed these claims.

It is revealed that the US warship has entered the marine sector near Syria. United States Burke-class Guided Missile Destroyer USS Donald Cook started from the Larnaka port in Cyprus and entered the marine sector near Syria. It is said that the USS Donald Cook was as close as 100 km from the Russian defence base at Tartus in Syria.

russia, us, military base, syria, tartusIn view of this, the incident of the Russian fighter jets circling near the destroyer is sensational. Although the Turkish media has made claims regarding this, none of the sides have confirmed the report. As per the claim of the Turkish news agency, the Russian fighter jets flew four times over the United States destroyer.

The United States defence headquarters has dismissed the report. The USS Donald Cook is in the Mediterranean Sea and it had a good voyage from Cyprus, informed a ‘Pentagon’ statement. It has been clarified that the information given by the Turkish news agency is incorrect. Russia has not given any reaction to it whatsoever.

At the same time, there are reports that the USS Porter, another United States destroyer has entered the marine sector near Syria. It has been claimed that the USS Porter left from a port in Spain and shall enter the Mediterranean Sea near Syria in a short while.

Two United States advanced destroyers, reaching close to Syria indicates preparation for future action. Last year in the month of April, two United States destroyers had launched missile attacks on the Syrian bases. The USS Porter and the USS Ross were the destroyers involved in the operation.


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