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Russian jammers in Syrian airspace to stop US drones

Third World WarWashington – Although the United States is making strong preparations to attack Syria, Russia also has seemingly increased its level of preparedness in consideration of the attacks well in advance. Being well aware that the United States may use drones for surveillance and attack in the Syrian airspace, Russia has activated its ‘Drone Jammers’, claimed the United States military officers.

dronesThese ‘Drone Jammers’ affect the communication between the drone and the control centre. This can have its effects on the military campaign, warned four United States military officers. Under any circumstances, Russia aims to shakeup the United states military interests. That is the reason Russia activated their drone jammers, alleged the officers.

The officers also said that it was not known whether the Russian jammers were responsible for the crash of the United States drones in the past. Therefore, there are indications that the current open conflict between the United States and Russia was present in a hidden form since a long time.


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