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World is a few millimetres away from Third World War, warns Russia Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov

Third World WarMoscow: ‘The world is only a few millimetres away from the Third World War’, warned Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov. In case the United States attacks Syria, Russia will certainly enter the war to save Syria. Thus, there will surely be a World War and the world is only a few millimetres away from it, warned Admiral Komoyedov. He also held the United States responsible for the war.

Admiral Komoyedov is known as the Admiral of the Fleet, for his very important position in the Russian navy from 1998 to 2002. He has held the position of the Chairman of the Defence Committee of the Russian Parliament after his retirement. Therefore, Admiral Komoyedov apparently has a very important role in Russian security policies. It is clear that a warning coming from an officer of such high rank about the World War has stunned the world.

‘In my opinion the United States has completely succumbed to foolishness. In the current scenario, Russia will have no option but to enter the war to save Syria, if the United States attacked it. In the year 2017, President Trump had caused tremendous destruction by firing 59 missiles on the city of Shayrat in Syria. The United States carried out these attacks blaming the Syrian government of chemical attacks. There was an extreme reaction expected from Russia’, said Admiral Komoyedov.

‘But Russia did not reply to this US attack on Syria. This has had its effect and therefore the United States is now planning an attack on Syria’, claimed Admiral Komoyedov. He said that the United States military might cannot be ignored by anyone and Russia will not directly attack the United States fighter jets or its warships. But Russia will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to protect Syria, warned Komoyedov.

Saying that both the countries should follow the path of discussion, he appealed to Presidents of both the countries for it. However, it seems likely from Admiral Komoyedov’s statements itself that in the current situation, Presidents of both the countries will not be willing for discussions.

The situation between the two countries seems to have deteriorated following President Trump’s challenge to Russia about the Syrian attack. Both the countries have more or less initiated the preparations for a war and have also given indications of having prepared for it. The allies of the United States also have taken a fierce position against Russia and prepared for strong support of the United States. It is clear and open that the United States military officials and the diplomats are also preparing for this. Some other leaders and officials had issued a warning similar to Admiral Komoyedov’s warning of the world being millimetres away from the Third World War. Nevertheless, Admiral Komoyedov has attempted to explain the hazards of the Third World War with more intensity.


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