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US, UK, France claim success in Syria Airstrikes aimed at destroying chemical weapons sites in Damascus & Douma

Third World WarWashington/London/Damascus: The United States, Britain and France launched 105 missiles on Syria on Saturday morning. The United States, Britain and France have claimed that this attack was very successful. At the same time, the allies reminded that the attack had a very limited objective. All the three countries have claimed that the attacks were not targeted to finish the Assad government in Syria, but to finish Assad’s capability to carry out chemical attacks.

The attacks were carried out on Saturday at 3.55 am, Syrian time. As per the announcement of US President Donald Trump, missile attacks were carried out on the Assad regime. ‘Tomahawk’ missiles were launched from the destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea and the advanced ‘JASSM’ missiles were launched from the long range bombers ‘B-1 Lancer’.

Last year, the United States had attacked the Shayrat air base in Syria with ‘Tomahawk’ missiles. This time, the United States used the ‘JASSM’ missiles. Equipped with infrared sensors, these missiles are claimed to be enhanced with the stealth technology. These missiles are claimed to be invisible to the Russian S-300 air defence system deployed in Syria. A US submarine had also participated in the attack. But no information has been revealed about this.

British ‘Tornado’ jets deployed at the base in Cyprus took part in the operation. ‘Storm Shadow’ a missile with a capability of hitting a target in the range of 500 km was launched from these Tornados. At the same time, the French destroyer ‘Aquitaine’ deployed in the Mediterranean Sea since last few months, also launched missiles. French Rafael fighter jets deployed in the United Arab Emirates also took part in the action along with the US bombers.

The Syrian capital Damascus and Douma were the two cities that were attacked in the action by the United States, Britain and France. The United States and allies claimed to have destroyed three major chemical weapons manufacturing facilities in Damascus and Douma. At the same time, a command centre of the Syrian army was destroyed in the attacks. The locals in Damascus also informed the news channels of hearing huge missile blasts.

Meanwhile, the complete assessment of the damage caused in Syria has not been published. But Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has claimed that such attacks on Syria will never succeed. Videos have been published of the people of Damascus taking to the roads, expressing their support to the Assad government.