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The date of Israel’s destruction is set, warns Iran’s senior military commander

Jerusalem / Tehran – Nine days ago, Israel had attacked a military base in Syria and killed 8 Iranian soldiers. At the time when Iran has threatened of avenging the attack, Israel has clearly indicated its intentions of attacking the Iranian air base in Syria again. The Israeli Army has published ‘satellite imagery’ of the Iranian air base in Syria and has also indicated intentions of targeting it. Responding to it, Iran’s senior military commander has threatened warning that the date of Israel’s demolition is set’.

Israel had accused Iran of having military bases in Syria prior to this as well and had also raised this issue with Russia. But both Russia and Iran had turned down these accusations. On Tuesday, Israel circulated the satellite photographs of 5 Iranian air bases in Syria while repeating its accusations.

The five bases in Syria are controlled by Revolutionary Guards of Iran, who are allied with the Assad regime in the Syrian conflict. The 5 air bases comprise ‘T-4’ base in Homs, which was destroyed last week in the Israeli attack, along with those in Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor and the capital city, Damascus. The photographs also show Iranian fighter planes having been deployed at Maharabd air base.

Israeli military analyst, Roni Daniel has claimed that by disclosing the location of Iranian air bases, Israel has given a direct warning to Iran through these photographs. Daniel further said that through the photographs Israel is trying to make clear to Iran that they are keeping a close eye on Iranian activities in Syria and that their bases would be on Israel’s target.

Iran had furiously reacted to the attack by Israel on their Syrian air base on last Monday. Iran’s senior leadership had also threatened of razing the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa in case, Israel repeats its attacks on the Iranian bases in Syria. Following this it was revealed that Iran had put in place the preparations to attack Israel. Moreover, Israeli officials had also claimed that Iran will not seek help from other organisations such as Hezbollah, but will attack Israel on its own.

On Tuesday, a senior official of the Iranian ‘Revolutionary Guard’, Brigadier General Kioumars Heydari too threatened Israel. ‘The Iranian Armed Forces have become powerful than ever before and that the date of Israel’s destruction’ is set’, Heydari had warned Israel.

Iran will purchase the required weapons – Iranian President, Rouhani

Tehran – ‘Iran will purchase the required weapons to protect itself from enemies, and does not need anybody’s approval to do so’, announced the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani also declared that Iran does not intend to attack anybody and will continue the process of modernization of its armed forces to defend the country.


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