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US President Trump approves sale of ‘Killer Drones’ to allies

Washington – US President Donald Trump has given his consent to an important policy that allows for sale of ‘military drones’ to US allies. The policy clears the way for US companies manufacturing ‘killer drones’ to supply them to the NATO countries as also Saudi Arabia, allies in the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore and Australia. The decision has raised eyebrows against the backdrop of increasing tensions across the regions of Indo-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

On Thursday, President Trump signed the ‘National Security Presidential Memorandum’ approving a new ‘Conventional Arms Transfer’ policy. The new policy is based on the priorities set out in the President’s National Security Strategy. The policy provides a framework for all weapons sales by American companies to foreign countries. All the concerned US Government agencies have been informed accordingly.

Briefing about the policy, White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders said that the new policy is framed on the promises that President Trump has given which include strengthening of allies and friends of the United States, expanding opportunities for the American businesses and job creation. The new policy is shaped on the principle of ‘Peace through strength’ and takes into consideration the interests connected with the US national security, Sanders further described Trump’s policy.

Backing the new policy, Peter Navarro, the Assistant to the President for Trade and Industrial Policy, has said that the new policy will play an important role in making the American military equipment available to its allies. Navarro further added that with the new policy, the US allies will no longer have to depend on the Chinese or Russian military systems. Navarro also claimed that the new policy of Trump administration will provide the US allies with a smoother access to advanced and sensitive defense systems created by American companies.

With the changes that come in along with the new policy, the export of ‘military drones’ made in the United States has become an attention grabbing point. ‘Military drones’ are recognized as important game-changers of the modern warfare. Along with the United States, the use of ‘military drones’ is continually on rise across the world. US Army and the US intelligence agency ‘CIA’ have effectively used the ‘military drones’ in Asia, Africa as well as during its operations in the Middle East.

Due to the restrictions imposed during the tenure of the then President Barack Obama, American companies were unable to export ‘military drones’ to US allies on a larger scale. It had been realized that due to Obama’s policy, US allies were forced to buy drones made in Israel and China. Earlier, US Defense Secretary James Mattis had written to the US National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster to bring this fact to the notice.

Currently, the US Army uses ‘Predator’, ‘Global Hawk’, ‘Reaper’, ‘Raven’, ‘Sentinel’, ‘Blackjack’ and almost 20 military drones.

India to benefit from Trump’s new military drones policy

New Delhi – There are signs that India will greatly benefit from the changes in the arms policy introduced by the US President. It is just a few months back that India was awarded with an important status of ‘Major Defense Partner’ by the United States. This had ensured that India could be supplied by the United States with fighter aircrafts, howitzers, helicopters, advanced surveillance systems and other modern military equipment. The new policy introduced by Trump is believed to have sidelined the obstacles in these deals.

Over the last decade, the Indian purchases of defence equipment from the United States have been worth $15 billion. In the coming few years this worth is expected to reach $100 billion. Last year, India had signed an agreement with the United States for purchase of the ‘Guardian drones’ and had also demanded for signing of a deal for the Indian Air Force for ‘Predator C Avenger’ drones which are used for air attacks. The Indian Air Force is readying for purchase of 80 to 100 drones worth almost $8 billion.


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