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Russia has technology to create 300-feet tsunami, claims leading US physicist

Moscow – Russia possesses a dreadful technology which can create 300-feet tsunami to swallow coastal cities of the United States. The nuclear drone submarine, unveiled before the world by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, could be used to create such a tsunami. But if Russia used such a nuclear drone submarine to create tsunami, it will also lead to occurence of cataclysmic radioactive or black rain, claimed a leading US nuclear physicist, Rex Richardson.

About a month back, Russian President had demonstrated their military might before the world. By putting up a display of hypersonic missiles, nuclear warheads, and other weapons, Russia had threatened the United States and its allies. The Russian President had at the same time, also announced the building of submarine ‘Status-6’. This submarine in addition to being autonomous can carry nuclear weapons of 50 megaton yield, claimed President Putin. Putin has stated that the ‘Status-6’ drone submarine can dwarf any other weapon in the world. He had also called the submarine to be an ‘under-water, stealthy nuke’. The drone submarine that can travel at a speed of 56 nautical miles can undertake travel up to 6200 miles, informed the Russian military.

Expressing fears, strategic analysts warn of these drone submarines posing a threat to the US’s coastal cities.

But nuclear physicist Rex Richardson, in his interview with a particular daily, has said that Russia’s ‘Status-6’ nuclear drone submarine is capable of creating gigantic tsunami waves of more than 300-feet due to the release of energy with an under-sea detonation. To prove his point Richardson has stated the example of Japan’s ‘Fukushima’, which in the year 2011, was hit by a giant tsunami following an earthquake.

Richardson expressed fears that an attack by ‘Status-6’ would lead to the US cities like Los Angeles or San Diego being swallowed by the tsunami. The destruction caused with ‘Status-6’ nuclear drone submarine attack would not just stop after creating a tsunami but will lead to occurrence of cataclysmic black rain from the clouds created due to energy release during under-sea detonation, warned Richardson.

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