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United States prepared with nuclear disaster management plan

Washington – The intensity of the tensions created due to the Syrian conflict and the Iranian nuclear program is consistently rising and warnings are being regularly issued of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. In view of this, the United States has prepared a plan to face the nuclear war. A news report in a British daily has made a disturbing claim that a nuclear attack on the United States may see the capital city of Washington along with major cities of Los Angeles and New York being targeted.

The ‘Department of Homeland Security’ has prepared an emergency action plan for a nuclear war. It has been named as the ‘National Response Scenario Number One’. Under the plan the military will immediately be deployed in US cities in case of a nuclear attack. An area of about 3000 square miles will be evacuated after a nuclear strike.

The plan has been prepared taking into account the possibility of a nuclear strike equivalent to 10,000 kilotons of ‘TNT’ explosive being used against the cities of the United States. The emergency action plan also envisages the possibility of a nuclear explosion by the terrorists. Hundreds of thousands of people will be killed if the strike takes place in Washington, says the emergency plan.

The ‘National Response Scenario Number One’ notes that a crater of 64 feet diameter and 150 feet depth will be created in a nuclear strike and the population will suffer from blindness, various other diseases and poisoning due to the radiation. Estimates in the report also state that the rebuilding of the United States’ cities will take a number of years and billions of dollars and that the economy will go through a recession.

In the month of January, the ‘Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’ had organised a special program to guide the citizens about the precautions and preparations in case of a nuclear strike. Through this program, the citizens were made aware that the preparations and planning of the response to the nuclear strike is different from the emergency responses in other incidents.


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