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Dont fall prey to Satan even if he is chained and on deathbed

Vatican City – ‘Satan (Devil) is on the deathbed. Even so, don’t get close to him as he can bite you like an agitated dog that is chained. Therefore, you should not fall prey to the Satan. We must tackle him with our prayers to God.’ This was the message given by the supreme Catholic Priest Pope Francis. No one should get lured by the attractively wrapped gifts offered by Satan, warned Pope Francis.

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Satan is on the deathbed today. But the common people refuse to believe this because Satan shows off his powers to pretend that he is the mightiest. Although his death is close, we should not go near him, as he might bite you like a chained dog. Crocodile hunters say that a crocodile can launch a killer attack with its tail, in spite of being injured. The same can be said about Satan, said Pope Francis while advising to be cautious.

‘Satan tries to lure us with attractively wrapped gifts and with pleasing words. But he will never let you know what those attractive gifts really mean. All his proposals are illusions and we fall prey to them. This should not happen. The glitter of the temptations offered by Satan does not last long. Their sparkle is lost in no time. This glitter is nothing like the soothing and perpetual glow of God,’ added the Pope.

Pope Francis gave this message while addressing the devotees assembled for a prayer meeting organised in the Vatican. The Pope had warned the devotees with a similar message a few days ago. He had said that while treading on the God’s path one has to refuse the Satan and this refusal has to be permanent and not a temporary one. A few weeks before this, Pope Francis had warned that the Satan is not a myth, but a reality. Pope Francis had appealed not to communicate with Satan and fall prey to his ministrations.