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US-Russia war is on a dangerous path, warns Turkish Minister

Istanbul – ‘The United States and Russia are locked in a proxy war in Syria and this war is advancing dangerously ahead’, warned Numan Kurtulmus, the Turkish Minister for Culture and Tourism. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a recent interview with a daily had said that there is a raging conflict among the world’s superpowers in Syria. Assad also acceded to the fact that this was indeed the Third World War. Kurtulmus has endorsed Assad’s claim and expressed fears that the proxy war in Syria between the United States and Russia would rise to destructive proportions.

Numan KurtulmusKurtulmus was speaking at a function organised in Istanbul, Turkey. Saying that the United States and Russia are already fighting a proxy war, Kurtulmus endorsed views by experts that the conflict is becoming severe by the day and will soon explode into an all-destructive war. Kurtulmus said that in his opinion if the countries not belonging to the region withdraw their armies from here, the situation in Syria could turn peaceful. Justifying his opinion, Kurtulmus said that the countries foreign to the region follow their own agendas, thereby fueling explosive situation in Syria.

Taking an idealistic position, Kurtulmus said that only the Syrian people have the right to make decisions about Syria and that nobody else could impose their decisions on the Syrian population. On one hand Russia and Iran support the Syrian government’s claim of Assad government being legitimate whereas on the other United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries claim the Assad’s regime to be illegitimate.

Moreover, the United States and allies are firm that the Assad regime has no place in the future of Syria. The Syrian crisis has deepened due to this and the possibility of finding a solution has thus been ruled out. Therefore, the warning by Kurtulmus that the Syrian conflict between the United States and Russia is treading on a dangerous path, seems to be dreadful.