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With raging Gaza protests, Israeli military warns its tanks & fighter jets are ready in case of attacks

Jerusalem – The protests by the Palestinians along the Israeli border flared-up following the declaration by the United States about Jerusalem being the Israeli capital and inauguration of the US embassy there. 60 people have been killed and over 2700 have been injured in the action taken by the Israeli defense forces against the protestors. The Israeli military has warned that if these protests continue in the same manner and if there are rocket attacks on Israel, its tanks and fighter jets are prepared to retaliate.

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The Palestinians are protesting at the Israeli border since the last six weeks. The protests became more aggressive following the US Embassy’s inauguration in Jerusalem on Monday. Israel carried out its retaliatory action accusing the protestors of using kite bombs, pipe bombs and burning tyres to attack the border. It is reported that 60 people were killed in this action while more than 2700 were injured. But Hamas, which has organized these protests, has declared that there will be no retreat under any circumstances.

‘These protests will not stop unless and until we completely expel Israel, which has intruded upon our land. We will not stop short of conquering Jerusalem,’ declared the Hamas leaders. One of the leaders of Hamas had declared last week that thousands of Palestinians were willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause. On the other hand, Israel has accused that the Hamas terrorists are attacking Israel under the disguise of these protests. Israel also declared killing of 24 Hamas terrorists in the Israeli military’s action on Monday.

Israel also attacked and destroyed five of the Hamas locations in the Gaza Strip on Monday. The Israel military has said that this was in retaliation to the Hamas violence against Israel, without giving any more details of the attacks. The Israel military further warned that in case of any rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip, Israeli tanks and fighter jets were ready for retaliation. Since Hamas is not willing to relent, the attacks on Israel will continue and on this background Israel’s warning of strong retaliation has made the atmosphere in the region highly explosive.

This is the first instance of such large scale bloodshed, since the Israel-Gaza war in 2014 and its repercussions are bound to be felt not only in the region but also in the whole world. Turkey and Lebanon are seeing strong protests against Israel while the countries of Egypt and Jordan have criticised the Israeli action against the Palestinian protestors.