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US State Department warns US citizens in China of ‘Sonic’ attacks

Washington: – Relations between the US and China are strained to say the least and the two nations are in a confrontational position, whether over the issue of the Pacific Ocean region or on International trade. While there is a possibility of a conflict sparking between the two super powers due to numerous reasons, a news report from the United States has suddenly drawn attention of analysts all over the world. The US Department of State has issued a ‘Health Warning’ to its citizens in China. In its message, the US Department of State has said, in indirect words, that US citizens may suffer ‘Sonic’ attacks while in China.

‘Sonic’ attacks

One US diplomat had a very strange experience in Guangzhou city of China. This officer, whose tenure there was to end in April this year, suffered ‘Mild Traumatic Brain Injury’ (MTBI). This injury has not been caused by any weapon but is a result of exposure to high power sound waves. Following this, the US Department of State has issued a health warning to its citizens and advised caution. “While in China, if you experience any unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena accompanied by unusual sounds or piercing noises, do not attempt to locate their source. Instead, move to a location where the sounds are not present”, the Department of State has advised its citizens.

The media has pointed out that the US diplomats in Cuba had suffered similar problems in 2016. Diplomats who were on deputation to the Cuban capital Havana, had suffered from deafness, visual impairment, vertigo and headaches. It was claimed that these were the effects of ‘Sonic’ weapons i.e. weapons using high intensity soundwaves. Taking a serious note of this, the United States had recalled many of its diplomats from the embassy in Havana.

The media is asking whether similar sonic weapons have been used on the diplomats in China as well. The international media has given very high importance to this news against the background of the current strain in ties between the United States and China. Some news agencies have raised doubts about the authenticity of the news suggesting that it could be a US ploy to exert psychological pressure on China.

Although, the US has not issued any official statement on the matter, the health advisory issued by the US Department of State to its citizens itself speaks volumes.

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