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Russia to strengthen its military by boosting their nuclear capabilities, announces President Vladimir Putin

Moscow – President Putin while addressing a group of military officers announced Russia’s plans to enhance its military capabilities by adding more nuclear weapons to their arsenal. President Putin stated that Russia would boost its arsenal with modern weapons and expressed confidence that the Russian military would reinforce and ensure global peace and balance in the world.

Since a few months, President Putin has been repeatedly emphasizing on Russia’s military power to the world. President Putin’s claims of their nuclear weapons to cause global destruction and that no country is beyond its reach, created quite a stir globally. Importantly in February this year, President Putin said that it is impossible for any country to intercept Russian nuclear weapons and that Russia would not hesitate to initiate a nuclear war.

While such warnings kept coming from President Putin, former top military officials and close aides of the President have repeatedly confirmed Putin’s ability to go nuclear in case of an eventuality. After chemical attack in Syria, US had launched attack on Syrian establishment. Russia anticipated this to be a trigger for a nuclear conflict, which created an environment of uncertainty and fear, wherein President Putin had made important announcement about nuclear weapons while addressing top military officials.

President Putin announced plans to enhance nuclear warfare capabilities of his armed forces. Russia and the US have similar capabilities of launching nuclear attacks. Russia is one of the countries to have capability to launch attacks from land, sea or air. It is claimed that Russia possesses the largest number of nuclear weapons. Hence, it seems that the President Putin’s announcement to further increase nuclear weapons will escalate tensions globally.

While Russia is adopting an aggressive nuclear policy, US is seen responding to it. Recently, President Trump decided to simplify the process of enabling him to take decision to launch nuclear attack. Russia being unhappy with the laws amended in the US, had expressed their grievances at it.

Subsequently, Russian President and senior military officials have been regularly issuing warning about nuclear war. The US and the UK have taken these threats seriously.

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