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France and Italy may become arch rivals due to arrogance of President Macron, warn senior Italian leaders

MacronRome/Paris – Major Italian leaders have warned that, ‘French President Emmanuel Macron is extremely arrogant and this could result in France becoming an arch enemy of Italy on the immigrants’ issue.’ Macron had stated that the current problem of immigrants is nothing like the one in 2015 and that the present scenario is part of a political crisis. Deputy Prime Minister of Italy ‘Luigi Di Maio’ and Minister of Interior Security ‘Matteo Salvini’ have aggressively retaliated to these statements by Macron.

A ‘Mini Summit’ had been organised on the immigrants’ issue in Brussels on Sunday. On the background of this meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron targeted Italy while presenting his stance on this issue. ‘The current situation in Europe is not similar to the immigrants’ problem which arose in 2015. The proportion of immigrants reaching a country like Italy has reduced as compared to last year. The current immigrants’ crisis is political and it does not concern with the movement of immigrants within Europe,’ claimed Macron.

MacronThere was a strong reaction from Italy to the statements of the French President. Deputy Prime Minister of Italy ‘Luigi Di Maio’ lashed out at Macron saying that his statements were miles away from the reality. ‘There is still a huge pressure of immigrants’ influx on Italy. And France is responsible for this since it is sending immigrants back from its own borders. Due to this action of Macron, there is a danger of France and Italy becoming arch rivals of each other on the immigrants’ issue,’ warned Luigi Di Maio.

Italian Minister of Interior Security ‘Matteo Salvini’ also retaliated to the statements of the French President in strong words. ‘The arrogant French President might not regard the influx of immigrants as a major problem. In that case, instead of insulting Italy he should allow the immigrants to enter France through Ventimiglia on the Italy-France border, and be generous enough to open the French ports for immigrants was the stern warning issued by Matteo Salvini.

Matteo Salvini has also claimed that Italy has received more than six hundred thousand immigrants in the last four years and that this has created an additional burden of 5 billion euros on the Italian economy.

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