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Satellites can be hacked and used as weapons. Experts warn about creation of ‘radio frequency weapons’.

Las Vegas – Experts in the field of Information Technology have issued a serious warning that satellites in space are not secure against cyber attacks as they can also be hacked and major attacks can be launched using their antennae present on the Earth like microwave ovens. A world conference on Information Technology is currently being held in the city of Las Vegas in which it was pointed out that along with satellites, the technology of self-driving cars and similar smart devices and systems could also easily fall prey to cyber attacks.

Satellites, hack, radio frequency weapons, antennae, cyber attacks, ww3, Las Vegas, microwave

The “Black Hat Information Security Conference” is currently being held in Las Vegas, and more than 17,000 officials and experts in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity sector are attending it. The conference hosted important discussions about potential cyber attacks and measures for their prevention. It was during this time that the experts raised the issue of security of the satellites and the earth stations controlling them.

Hackers can easily target satellites, which are used by ships, aircrafts as well as the military. They can also attack the systems controlling these satellites on the ground. Moreover, the antennae built to receive data from the satellites can be an important target for the hackers, warned the experts.

Satellites, hack, radio frequency weapons, antennae, cyber attacks, ww3, Las Vegas, microwave

The antennae used for controlling the satellites use radio waves for communication. Expert hackers at the conference expressed fear that these radio waves could be used for cyber-attacks or even for a physical attack of a major scale. These experts used the example of a microwave to substantiate their claim. They claimed that the way food can be heated using the waves of a microwave oven, similarly, antennae can be used to generate energy on a vast scale which could be used for launching attacks.

At the same time, the experts at the security conference in the United States also warned that large chunks of information could be stolen or deleted by hacking the satellite systems.

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