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In view of Russia’s Idlib offensive, US deploys warship equipped with F-35 stealth fighter jets in Middle East

Washington – Russia has deployed a fleet of 30 warships near the Syrian coast and threatened to attack the US military locations in Syria. However, the United States seems to be replying in a manner similar to that of Russia by deploying a warship equipped with F-35B, the super advanced stealth fighter jets to the Middle East. The warship is deployed so as to attack Syria with fighter jets in case, the Syrian force resort to the use of chemical weapons in the country.

There have been major changes in Syria in the last one month. Russia deployed a fleet of 30 warships and submarines in the Mediterranean Sea for the Idlib offensive and to aid the Syrian regime. A few days ago, the Russian marines had even held war exercises near the Syrian coast. Moreover, the Syrian forces and Russia have been initiating attacks on Idlib for the last few days. Reports of Russia and the Syrian forces likely to intensify their attacks in the near future have also surfaced.

Two US warships and submarines are already present in the Mediterranean Sea for a possible attack on Syria. The United States had warned the Syrian regime that the US along with its allies will not stop short of attacking Syria if the regime resorted to the use of chemical weapons in Idlib. On the other hand, Russia too had threatened to retaliate against the United States’ military bases in Syria if the US launched an attack here. The Russian Defence Minister had issued a warning at an official level to this effect. Following Russia, Iran has also threatened the United States.

In view of this threat, the United States has dispatched its fastest amphibious warship ‘USS Essex’ to Syria. The USS Essex entered the Middle East with 2,000 marines, a fleet of 20 F-35B Stealth fighter jets, Harrier fighter jets as well as a fleet of Viper and Osprey helicopters on-board. Currently, the warship is in the Suez Canal and it will keep a watch over the Syrian developments from its position, informed a US naval official.

The F-35Bs onboard the USS Essex, deployed near Israel, can hit Syrian targets within a matter of minutes. US officials also claim that if a need arises, the USS Essex itself can reach the Syrian coast much faster than other aircraft carriers. As of now, the USS Essex in the Suez Canal and two previously stationed warships armed with the Tomahawk missiles in the Mediterranean Sea, are in a state of readiness. Thus, the United States appears to have made thorough preparations for attacking Syria from both sides.

Meanwhile, the United States has said that they will be in contact with the Russian agencies while attacking the Syrian regime, in order to avoid any conflict with Russia. Russia, on the other hand, has clearly indicated that there will be severe repercussions if the United States attacked Syria and is not willing to negotiate on its stand. Therefore, it has become very difficult to predict the future of developments in Syria.

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