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Israel deploys the ‘Iron Dome’ in Tel Aviv in response to Syria’s threat to strike Ben Gurion Airport

Jerusalem – Israel appears to have taken seriously, the threat Syria issued about hitting the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Israeli military deployed the Iron Dome battery for the security of the Ben Gurion airport as well as other prime locations in Tel Aviv. The country has also deployed the battery in southern Israel along the borders considering the possibility of simultaneous attacks from the Gaza Strip, the military said.


The Israeli army informed of the deployment of the Iron Dome in Tel Aviv, which is recognised as Israel’s financial capital. The Iron Dome missile defence system is entirely ready for combat, while also being staffed by military personnel from specialised units. Another Iron Dome battery is positioned in the south along the Gaza Strip in Israel, the army stated. Previously, Israel had deployed the missile defence system close to the borders at the Golan Heights as also the Gaza Strip. However, the threat Syria and Gaza’s Hamas pose to Israel’s security has risen since the past few days. Considering the circumstances, the Iron Dome is deployed, the Israeli army said.

Two days ago, Syria threatened to attack the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Only last week, Israel launched massive attacks on the bases allegedly belonging to Iran’s Quds Force in Syria. Israel even intercepted the Syrian air defence system which tried to curb their attacks on the Iranian arms warehouse. Furthermore, the Syrian envoy to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari denounced the assault and threatened to target Israel’s financial capital.

Following Syria, Gaza’s Hamas also threatened to attack Israel. The radical group even threatened to retaliate to the Israeli commando operation carried out directly in Gaza last month as also to the attacks targeting its bases in the Strip. Given the background, Israel began to fasten its deployment of the Iron Dome.

Russia adopted an aggressive stance towards Israel’s attack in Syria. The Russia Foreign Ministry warned Israel to stop the attacks. Moreover, Syria began threatening Israel due to its increased confidence after Russia slammed Israel over its attacks. Late Thursday, the Israeli soldiers were fired upon from across the Syrian borders. The Israeli troops returned fire, although it is unclear as to whom the assailants were. Nevertheless, after the shelling incident and deployment of the Iron Dome, tensions have escalated along the Israel-Syria border as also the border areas of the Golan Heights.

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