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Baloch freedom fighters blow-up Pakistani gas pipeline to protest against Pakistani Occupation

Quetta – The conflict that the Baloch people have initiated against the oppression and the injustice being consistently meted out to them by the Pakistan agencies, is intensifying further. The Baloch freedom fighters caused a massive explosion in the pipeline supplying natural gas to the Punjab province, in Pakistan. The blast killed four Pakistani security personnel while two workers were injured. The natural gas supply to the Punjab province had to be reportedly stopped for a certain period due to the explosion.

The incident became known when a Pakistani journalist named Mir Sarmachar Baloch exposed the information through a post on social media. The post revealed that the pro-liberation group called the Baloch Liberation Tigers (BLT) accepted the responsibility of the Friday blast at the Sui gas plant. Tarek Fatah, a Pakistani analyst, even posted a video of the explosion on social media. The video states that the pro-liberation group targeted the pipeline stealing gas from them for the Punjab province.

There are vast deposits of energy and minerals in the state of Balochistan, and other provinces of Pakistan are supplied natural gas from here. However, the Baloch population does not receive any benefits from it and has thus, triggered discontent against the Pakistani government. India and Afghanistan have consistently raised their voices against the atrocities committed against the Baloch people and have also provided their political backing to them.

The situation in Balochistan is highly volcanic due to the Pakistani government and military’s oppression and exploitation of the Baloch people and could explode at any time. Last week, the ‘Baloch Republic Army’ launched rocket attacks on three security posts of the Pakistan Army in the Mand town of Kech district. The subsequent blast in the Gas pipeline only indicates that the resistance of the Baloch freedom fighters is intensifying.


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